Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spay Day!

Mom brought me for my spay today. She put a bed on the passenger side seat and my foster-brother, Sid, and I laid on it for our two hour trip to the vet (and then 2 hours back). I love my foster brother! He's very nice to me. We play all the time and when it's time to sleep he sleeps with me on the couch. I wait for him in the morning so we can play. He's teaching me how to be a dog.

Dr. Mead said that I was in heat and that my spay would be a little more complicated. I guess that explains why Sid and Dinky (the boys) have been very interested in my "baby-making" stuff lately. But there was no problem and everything went well. I didn't feel like eating tonight and I've basically slept since I've been home. I'm tired.

More later.

Friday, April 24, 2009

5 Month Anniversary!

I know what you're thinking because I am too! FIVE whole months already!! It seems like a lifetime ago that I was trapped in that tiny wire cage wondering when the next bad thing was going to happen to me. I'm so grateful to be free.

So what's the good news? Well foster dad says that "the light" is back in my eyes. My "inner iggy" has been awakening. I'm more and more an iggy everyday. I sure like to run with the pack, play with my foster brothers, eat, and sleep in the sun. What more could an iggy want? When I go to my forever home (maybe you whose reading this right now) it will have to have other dogs around. I probably won't be an only dog. I love the company of dogs and I'm comfortable with lots of them around. I've been curious where my foster siblings go in the morning after they go out and I found out that they go sleep with mom - under the covers. So yesterday morning I went upstairs by myself and jumped up on the bad to lay with the family. Actually I ended up just getting Sid and Dinky up and we played around on the bed - barking and having fun. I'm very active and playful in the morning.

My fears are becoming less and less it seems everyday. I don't run so much when the people come by. You can walk by me and I won't run. I like to be in the same room that you are. I don't get freaked out when new people come over. You can pet my head and my chin when I'm laying on the couch. I like to come up to you and rub noses. I sleep with my head covered and I don't look at you all the time or open my eyes everytime you move. I clearly trust you more.

To mom and dad's frustration I still won't take a treat from their hand. They work on it everyday though. I need to learn to go down the stairs so I can be completely independent.

I'm going for my spay in five days :(

Thanks for checking in on me and be sure to give your pets a big kiss tonight.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First walk of the year!

Hi fellow dog-lovers!
Foster mom and dad took me for my first outside walk today. There is still alot of snow on the ground up here but the roads are bare and it was 50 today. They put my harness and retractor on me today for a walk. I did really good! In the house I'll buck the leash when it's on me but not outside. I really enjoyed walking around and smelling everything. I didn't try to run away and I was happy to walk close to my people. I wasn't scared of cars at all. Mom says I was prancing and I had my tail out. Since it's supposed to be nice this week Mom is going to take for a walk again. Mom and dad are practicing picking me up because in the house I'll run away if they approach me. It's o.k. outside if I have a little "fear peeing" asit helps fertilize the grass. They're very patient with me.

I've kinda taken a step back otherwise. Since I won't come when called, mom and dad would try to cajole me into the ex-pen or in my crate so they can pick me up to go outside. This worked out well until recently because I've figured out they are going to grab me and I'll start squatting down and peeing. On the rug or wherever I am. They want to teach me to go DOWN the stairs so I will go out on my own but I'm still uncoordinated with going UP the stairs.

And still no taking treats from the hand.

Be well my friends!