Sunday, May 24, 2009

Six Month Anniversary!

Hi everybody!
I's hard for me to believe too! Six months! A half a year! Wow! I'm still amazed at how so much has changed for me over the months.

So how am I doing you ask? Well I continue to make progress. I recovered quickly from my spay. I'm generally a pretty happy iggy. I love my foster brothers and sisters, my foster dad, and my foster mom (mostly). I seem to prefer foster dad a little more than foster mom for some reason. In my last post I was saying how I have started to lay more by my foster parents. I continue to do that more and more. In fact the other day I was licking dad's arm - something I've never done. I don't use an ex-pen anymore so I'm either on the pillow, the couch, or my crate like the other iggys. I walk very well on leash and I like to go for those walks. I seem so normal sometimes.

What are my issues? The same old ones; can't go down stairs and don't like to be reached for.

The foster parents are going to put me up for adoption soon. They feel that it's time for me to start looking for my forever family. I hope that it's one of you who've been following my progress. I will be listed on and

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Saturday!

Hi everybody!
I wanted to give you all a short update. I'm doing well from my spay. I was sleepy and didn't have much of an appetite but that barely lasted one day. I'm doing fine now. It's like I didn't even have surgery. Dr. Mead did a great job! Foster dad is going to take out my stitches today. I added some pics to the other entry that dad took. They show me with a bandage on my leg where I had my I.V.

The real reason I'm writing today is that I've taken a huge step towards being more affectionate towards people. First of all I'm usually the most active and social in the morning before breakfast. I'm playful with my foster brothers, I'll dash around the yard, and go upstairs to be on the bed with the other iggys. Sometimes in the morning I lay on the couch with the other dogs and foster dad. Well this morning I was laying on the couch (on the other end from foster dad of course) and I just decided I was going to lay by dad so I went and laid right next to dad and I put my head on his arm and promptly went to sleep. This is a huge step for me. I've NEVER intentionally laid by my people (without alot of coaxing), let alone rest my head on them.

Now for a Zoe update; Zoe found a wonderful forever family in downstate Michigan. She's now happily living with a new family including an iggy sister. Rescue works because there are so many wonderful, selfless, and giving people who volunteer to help. Zoe wanted me to thank her foster mom (Joan), the IG Rescue rep who coordinated this adoption (Lisa - my foster mom), the person who did the home visit (Jodi), the kind couple who transported her 10 hours to her new home, and her new foster family (Janice).

Today is starting off to be a good day.