Sunday, June 28, 2009

7 months of freedom!

Yes, another anniversary has come. I've been with my foster family for seven months now. I'm officially up for adoption so I'm just loving life while I wait for that special family to fall in love with me and take me home.

I went to the beach for the first time last week. Foster mom took me for a walk on the beach and I really enjoyed walking in the sun on the sand. I've never seen water like this and I wasn't scared at all to walk in up to my belly. I can't swim so I didn't try that. I'm not really scared of much (your hands are the exception) so walking in the water is no big deal for me. I'm going back to that beach to go camping next weekend. I'll let you know how that goes.

How's life you may ask? It's all good. I'm loving the sunny days of summer, going for walks, hanging out in the yard, napping on the couch with foster dad, eating Milk Bones, and just being an iggy.

It's clear that my left front leg, that was broken at some point, causes me no problem. I can run, go up stairs, and jump on couches without any problems.

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