Thursday, July 9, 2009

Going down the stairs now!

Hi everybody!
Well today was another big step (LOL) for me. I went down the stairs all by myself this morning. That may not sound like much but all the time I've been here I've only learned to go up stairs. This has been an inconvenience for my foster parents because they have had to pick me up and carry me downstairs. Well for the last week I've been going down to the first landing but mom and dad could not coax me all the way down. Well this morning when mom was making breakfast she looked down and there I was. She was very surprised. Well, now that I learned to go down I've been going up and down them all day when I follow mom around. I'm soooo proud! Except that there are four steps down the landing on the way outside and I won't go down those yet - but I'm working on it!

I went camping with my family over the 4th of July weekend. Foster mom says that I'm probably the best of all the dogs because I travel well in the car, I potty where and when I'm supposed to, and I like to lay quietly in the sun while the other iggys are making a ruckus. I had fun at the camp. No more swimming though.

Is my forever family out there?

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IGMom said...

I hope we are your forever family. I sent an email to your foster mom and will complete the application papers today.