Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Forever Family Update!

It's hard to believe that it's going to happen but I'm leaving my foster home tomorrow (Wednesday) for good! We're travelling to Mackinaw City so we can meet my forever family on Thursday. They are going to take me to my new home in downstate Michigan then.

The adoption process is rather lengthy. They filled out an online application, had reference (personal and veterinary) checks, a home visit (thanks Jodi), and many email and phone exchanges between foster mom and my future family. Foster mom is confident that I'm going to a great home where I will be loved and cared for by patient and loving people. She's told me many wonderful things about my new home and I'm very excited to go there. I can't wait to meet my new Chihuahua sister :) I hope she likes me. Me and Dinky get along very well and he's part chi so I think we'll be fine together. Speaking of Dinky, I think he's going to miss me most of all. He plays with me all the time and he's taking a shine to licking my feet. I like that.

I'm still making progress here. I'm getting a little more lovable everyday. Especially in the mornings I like to have my head, ears, and back scratched. I'll jump on the bed and nuzzle mom's face and let her love me up a little. My potty habits are really good and now I pretty much potty on command. Foster dad is still a little frustrated that after eight months I won't take a treat from anyone's hand. Maybe I'm saving that for my forever family.

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