Sunday, July 19, 2009

More stair action.

Just a shortie to say I've been going down the four stairs to the outside more and more now. Not every time but more. Foster mom puts me on top of the stairs and I will go down them no problem. If they call me to go out I'll do it some of the time. My foster parents have also noticed that I go up and down stairs like a dog that has been doing it all of it's life. The foster parents think I'm sooo smart sometimes.

I've also been laying by my foster parents more when they are sitting on the couch now. I love the couch almost as much as the pillow in the sun.

I stayed at grandma and grandpa's house for a few nights while the foster parents were away. I did so well there. No accidents in the house, I was polite with their dog, I ate heartily, slept quietly, and pottied when (and where) I was supposed to. I like to play in their big basement with Sidney and my foster cousin Molly. I like grandpa and ran up and jumped on the couch right next to him. It seems I can warm up to strangers fast.

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